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IHOME is developing a new global vacation and lifestyle club for YOU!

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With iHOME, you can live and travel around the world for less

iHOME credits can be exchanged for goods and services

from the iHOME Club and members

of the iHOME Alliance

Vacation & Travel

iHOME links travel and vacation destinations around the world to offer you more benefits

Our list of destinations continues to grow.

Vacation House

Sometimes you just need a home away from home! A vacation home in a favorite spot can let you escape from the stress of everyday life.
iHOME offers you the opportunity to own or use a home in another part of the world.


Earn iHOME credits when you shop iHOME Alliance member stores. Then use them anywhere in our network!


A Global Ecosystem

iHOME is organized around open cooperation and sharing resources

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Live a more vacation-focused lifestyle for yourself and your family.

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6D vacation home builder


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Hotel management

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