IHOME stands for “International Home.”

iHOME is managed by the IHOME ORGANIZATION. The core purpose of IHOME is to provide services and products related to vacations and leisure travel around the world. The iHOME Club and its service alliance (iHOME ALLIANCE) are the principle providers of these services.

iHOME has been developed by service providers as a business network. It is an open service network built and shared by these service providers working together.


iHOME, a Borderless Organization with You


IHOME ORGANIZATION is developing toward being a borderless, fully-open, distributed, self-organizing organization.
The IHOME Foundation is responsible for IHO’s major decision-making and will also adopt a distributed, decentralized model.
The iHOME held by the Foundation will be distributed to independent foundations or organizations who may in turn distribute various rights to decision-making units everywhere. IHO will use blockchain technology to practice multi-level grid organization. Different organizational structures and missions, even when using the same technology, may lead to the development of different networks of value in future.

iHOME’s Mission


iHOME is about the freedom to enjoy life.

Our vision is to help create a new way of living that allows you to travel more freely. But that isn’t only about “vacations” in the traditional sense. It’s about being able to get away, refresh yourself, have new experiences, and gain a fresh perspective. We call it the “Travel Plus” lifestyle.

Part of our vision is to help you find a great place to invest in property that will provide you income but also give you a place to get away. iHOME will manage all the bookings and care. You’ll profit and know that you’ll also be able to escape to your property when you need it.

Being stuck in the same place all the time can be boring. It can reduce creativity. Sometimes you need a change of scenery to clear your mind. To refresh your soul. To renew your life.

Working on a book and got writer’s block? Need time to concentrate on a new proposal? Want to be able to watch the sunset as you plan life’s next steps? If you want to get away from it all and relax, that’s fine; you can do that. But we also want to provide the opportunity to let you experience a new place with all the comforts of home and office.

iHOME’s long-range mission is to help make these escapes easier to obtain. Spend a month or however long you’d like in a different place. Let the stimulus of seeing new sights spur new ideas. Get the creative juices flowing. Gain fresh ideas. Take a step back so you can take 10 steps forward.

Life should be enjoyed. Life should be lived freely. We’re working to make our goal a reality so that you can enjoy that Travel Plus lifestyle!