Membership: Blue Card

$1,001.00 $99.00

Member Benefits

  1. 1000 iHOME Credits included with initial registration
  2. Browse member-only content
  3. Shop the member store with a special 10% discount
  4. Spend iHOME CREDITS in the Club Shop. Earn iHOME CREDITS as rewards for shopping there, too!
  5. iHOME CREDITS can be shared with others
  6. Credits are available for the lifetime of Club iHOME.
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iHOME Membership – Blue Card

Please note:

The price of the membership or the accompanying iHOME CREDITS may change at any time. The amount of free iHOME credits may be adjusted at any time based on the growth in the number of iHOME Alliance members or renewal of Club iHOME service plans. Adjustments may be made at any time.

Upgrade now and the annual fee will be waived for three years!



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