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>> keep secret! anyone can transfer your token with it <<

It is highly recommended that you save your Private Key to another secure place.
You can use this Private Key to import your account into other Ethereum wallets.
Once you lose your Private Key, you will lose your account and the token inside.

Terms of Use for the Wallet:

  1. The wallet on the ClubIHome site is to support our rewards points, known as iHOME Credits, only.
  2. Your iHOME Wallet is not a bank account. You are responsible for the proper handling of your credits and for the security of your login credentials.
  3. The iHOME Wallet is an Ethereum-compatible wallet that can store ETH and other digital currency in the same format. However, you must understand and accept that iHOME does not assume responsibility for the safekeeping of your ETH or other digital currency.
  4. For members who have completed KYC member data certification: if iHOME points are lost due to a problem with the iHOME wallet or iHOME website, iHOME will compensate you for up to 10,000 iHOME credits.
  5. Do not use the iHOME Wallet to store a large amount of iHOME Credits. For safe storage of large amounts of iHOME Credits or other digital currency, we recommend that you register with MyEtherWallet.com or install the Metamask extension on Chrome or Firefox.
  6. For the safety and security of your iHOME credits, keep your information private.